Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI)

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Cognitively Guided Instruction (K-6)
Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) is a problem-solving mathematics program designed to improve number sense and computation for students in Kindergarten through third grades. It has been proven effective for boys and girls of diverse social class, racial and ethnic, and language proficiency backgrounds.

This K-6 instructional strategy focuses on student knowledge and encourages teachers to pose story problems that can be solved by any means chosen by the child. Problem-posing and problem-solving become the focus of the mathematics class, rather than the traditional emphasis on memorization of facts and algorithms. The research-based approach was developed by faculty at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin- Madison.

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Each participant will be required to purchase Children's Mathematics . This workshop consists of three professional days, followed by two advanced days later in the year.

Wonderful article about CGI in Action in a Classroom

 Top 8 Reasons How CGI Addresses the Common Core Standards in Math.

Second Grade Word Problems based on CGI schema

FREE CGI Questions to use with your students.

This is a GREAT site which links you to so many CGI resources 

CGI is named as a "Promising Practice" 

 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics share thoughts.

Problem types are an important component of CGI 

The beginning of a blog about CGI and the journey.

Research Report from ERIC

 What is CGI? Handout by a school using the program.

Using baseline data to determine the appropriate place to begin multiplication

A Case Study from a 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher.

 Below you will find file attachments for a sequence map for grades K-4th that are also aligned to Common Core Standards in Math

"Children who come to expect help with every problem lose faith in their intuition and never develop the confidence needed to tackle problems alone".  Check out this article below.  Awesome!

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