differentiated math lesson

The Winter Yard

This hands-on activity uses a tool to measure inches on a yard banner.  The measurement tool differentiates the lesson.  Students just beginning to understand measurement can use 1" cm tiles, those who can measure with a ruler can use a standard ruler and for advanced students have them use a broken tape measure to measure different lengths to make a Winter Yard. 

This lesson plan can be found below under file attachments.

For more information on students' misconceptions and lesson ideas see What is Measurement Lesson.

Differentiating Instruction - Tiered Lesson Example

When designing a tiered math lesson, the teacher must first think about what is the learning goal for the class, but then adapt the difficulty of the task up and down based upon individual student needs.  Tiering is often confused with tracking.  Let me explain my understanding of the difference.  Tracking is deciding to have three or four groups of students, teachers then "fit" the students into the appropriate group.  In tracking, students usually do not move as often and are often "stuck" in a group.  In tiering, the teacher first assesses the students abilities

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