A List of Daily Math Graph Questions

Are you wanting to include more graphing into your classroom, but seem to run out of ideas?  Below you will find an attached list of daily math questions.  Included in the list include questions which represent categorial data and numerical data.  We often at the elementary level use questions which are categorical, such as: What is your favorite type of ice cream?  While students love to answer and graph this questions, just remember statistically we can ONLY find the MODE.  This is important because I've seen many misconceptions about the types of data that can be pulled from this data.  Also on the list is numerical data, such as: How many pets do you have at home?  With this data, all statistical measures of central tendency can be determined (mean, median, mode, range, minimum, and maximum).  Please email me at michellef@essdack.org if you have any questions.

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