Opportunity to Respond - Choral Response

Rate of Opportunity to Respond

Strategy: Choral Responding - Students answering a Question in Unison


Findings indicate increased rates of opportunity to respond (OTR) result in higher task engagement and academic achievement rates and low rates of inappropriate behavior.

 Simonsen, et al (2008), Evidence-based Practices in Classroom Management:  Considerations for Research to Practice


Power Teaching is an effective strategy which requires choral responding.  Below is a link to a teacher using it in a math classroom.


Example of a 6th Grade Classroom: Order of Operations:



  • Short, one to three word answers
  • Brisk paced lessons
  • Provide thinking pause
  • Use a clear signal of when to respond
  • Provide feedback



More Research

Gardner et al. (1993) found in an inner city general education fourth-grade classroom during a questioning period, that students were off-task on average 56% and disruptive 33% of the time when hand raising was employed.