Solving Real-World Problems in Measurement

Solving real-world problems in measurement is hard to assess.  In fact, the way the Kansas State Standards currently assess this indicator as a multiple choice item makes this assessment even trickier.  If you look at the Kansas state standards indicator which is assessed at third grade:  Standard 3: Geometry; Benchmark 2: Measurement; Application Indicator 1 states “solves real-world problems by applying appropriate measurements:  a.       length to the nearest inch, foot, or yard, e.g., Jill has a piece of rope that is 36 inches long and Bob has a piece that is 15 inches long. If they put their pieces together, how long would the piece of rope be?


Notice the example is really a computation story problem.  The computation just involves the units of measures of inches, feet, yards, cm, and meters.


Attached below is a chart of CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) problems that can be used to help support your students in this indicator that includes all the different units of measures recommended by the state. If you have other CGI problems or lessons to help with this indicator, please email me at

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